El Niño Phenomenon: Stories from the desert of Sechura and La Niña lagoon.

It is necessary to begin these stories by giving a brief introduction of how the El Niño phenomenon impacts northern Peru. A surface mass of warm water enters the sea from the north of Peru and generates climatic anomalies such as the increase in sea temperature along with rains on the coast and in high Andean areas….

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Artisanal fishing communities and COVID-19 in Piura

The Peruvian sea has a great variety of hydrobiological resources due to the outcrop and the convergence of the Humbolt current and the El Niño current along the coastal strip (Galarza & Kámiche, 2015). The historical tradition of artisanal fishermen plays an important role in the country’s economy since they contribute more than 80% of fresh fish consumed by all Peruvians….

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The Sechura desert and the economic activities of its inhabitants

Sechura is located on the north coast of Peru, in the region of Piura, it has an area of 6311.69 km2 and an average altitude of 15 meters above sea level.It is divided into six districts, which are: Sechura (Capital of the Province), Bellavista de La Unión, Bernal, Cristo Nos Valga, Rinconada de LLicuar and Vice (INEI, 2017)….

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